Presented by Slaughter Trail Guides

November 9, 2019

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This event encompasses the philosophy of our legacy tour in Eureka Springs - Shred downhill all day!!

This event is open to all riders of the gravity heritage. Love doing laps in the park with your amigos? This event is for you! Think downhill riding isn’t hard? This event may be for you too!

-The format is simple - sign up as a 2 or 3 person Team or a Solo-Individual.

-Each Team or Solo Participant must complete a combined total of 14 laps - Two laps on each of the 7 DH trails at Lake Leatherwood's ‘Gravity Project’. Each Team Member MUST complete a minimum of 4 of the 14 laps. 

-Registration includes Shuttle pass for the day.  The Xtreme category is not included in this.

-Registration includes a Meal Ticket for Sherpas Tacos | Refreshments and food available for purchase. 

-Registration includes beer (21+) from Eureka Springs Brewery | Check Them Out!

-On Site Massage Therepist

-Lowest cumulative time wins.

-Awards for Podium and Overall Pro cash prizes. (Cash prize structure will be anounced asap/prior to Registration closing and may be subject to be based off of particpation)

-SPORTident professional timing system.

-Fun atmosphere in the pit area when you’re not racing to hang out with your friends and family.

-Whip meter entering transition and pit area.

-Music and announcer tower.

-Endless shuttles - ‘Downhill All Day’.

-Special Event Swag for all Participants. 

-Event Merchandise available for purchase.

-PIT AREA is open to participants, spectators, fans, and hecklers. Vendors- Please Contact. 



-City Shuttle Pass available for purchase at park. ($20 full-day, $10 half day)

-Check In Friday Evening 4PM-8PM at Eureka Springs Brewery | 96 Ridgeview, AR 72632

-Pre Party & Riders Meeting (optional) at Brewery - Food available for purchaser Outer Limits food truck.


-7AM-8:30AM | Race Day Check-In. (Race Registration includes Shuttle Pass for the day except for the Xtreme category)

-8:30AM | Mandatory Racers Meeting. 

-8:35AM | Shuttles begin loading racers.

-9:01AM | Mass Racer start at Summit.

-Stages 1 & 7 CLOSE @ 12PM.

-Last participant shuttle will load at 2:45PM.

-All Timing Chips in at 3PM

-Awards Ceremony 4PM


-The winning team/rider is determined by completing their respective categories lap total in the shortest total combined time.

-Racers can choose to ride any course in any order. (Stages 1 & 7 CLOSE @ 12PM)

-Designated Transition Area after the Leatherwood Finish Line Jump.

-Designated Pit Area accessible via Transition Area.

-All racers must pass through the tunnel and enter either the lift line (left) or ride across the finish line jump (right) to enter transition area/pit area.

-Chosen Gaps, Drops and Mandatory Jumps will be taped off!

-Only one rider per team on course at a time. Team members will pass their timing chip off in the 'TRANSITION AREA' similar to a relay race.

-Team Timing Chips are only to be swapped in 'TRANSITION AREA'.

-The 'PIT AREA' is desgined for participants to enter from the Transition Area when not racing, or for anyone else that is spectacting and not competing. This is the area that will be designated for vendors, teams, shops and food.

-Timing modules will be placed at the start and finish of each stage. Participants must stay on the race stages throughout the event. Riders deviating from the designated stages will be penalized.

-Once riders have entered the lift line through the pit area, there is no cutting in line. (Penalty will be incurred if team riders are caught passing their timing chip to another team rider in the lift line)

-Each participant of a team must complete at least 4 of the required laps. In the event of an injury, upon approval from Race Director, this rule can be modified. Bike mechanical failure will not be allowed in the following exception (ride your mates bike!).

-In the case of a downed rider that receives assistance provided by another participant - the helping participant's/team's time will be adjusted by averaging the lap times from the particular stage, or a re-run authorized by the Race Director. The downed rider may not qualify for a re-run. If you cannot contact the Race Director wait at the Timing Booth until receiving direction.

-On site waiver will be required to sign at the venue. 


Slaughter Trail Guides reserves the right to amend, add, and alter rules to the event at any time until race date- November 9, 2019