Dustin Slaughter

Hometown: Rogers, Arkansas

What got you into mountain biking: My stepdad bought me my first dirt bike when I was nine and that was the spark. Motocross wasn’t a sustainable sport, financially and my mom hated it, so when I found the local bmx track I started racing there. It wasn’t until Slaughter Pen that I decided to buy a mountain bike, since then I can’t get enough, and the trails keep coming.

Favorite spot to ride in the Ozarks: The Buffalo Headwaters, it’s kinda like pizza, even when it’s bad it is still good..

Claim to fame: Mountain Flyer published a cover of me. And I still don’t have a copy.

Beer of choice: Ozark IPA

Zac Milner


Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri

What got you into mountain biking: Well... I grew up skateboarding, like 15 super rad years. Into my 20’s I dug deep into my music and art, did the starving artist sort of thing and got an old Schwinn as a gift to commute around south city on. Then it all started, an old familiar feeling, the thrill seeks. Eventually fixed gear riding to then track racing. I moved to Bentonville Arkansas where my girlfriend got her dream job at Crystal Bridges, got a job at a local bike shop and the guys got me out on the trail… not sure i have done anything else since… hello Gnarkansas

Favorite spot to ride in the Ozarks: Hands down, Coler  

Claim to fame: rowdy liiifffe!

Beer of choice: That's a weighted question my friend, Urban Chestnut STLIPA


RC Cowand

Hometown: Colorado Springs, Colorado

What got you into mountain biking: Started riding to do rad jumps and then it turned into riding to promote physical well being while personal training clients, friends, and myself.

Favorite spot to ride in the Ozarks: Leatherwood because it's closer than the buffalo..

Claim to fame: Being hated by approximately zero girls and to regularly (and loudly) make an arse outta myself.

Beer of choice: Homewrecker from Bentonville Brewery “Get in my belly”