The Spots To Go

We know all of the local spots that are too good not to lay tracks down on, all of these trails we know locations from start to end, the pinball routes to maximize thrills and the directions to go. Let us formulate the ride that can be a lunch loop and accommodate your schedule, or the weekend ride that complements your visit in Northwest Arkansas. Build a full weekend of adventure, pick a tour or a trip that is all inclusive and experience the local culture of the Ozarks. 



1 Person- $120 (Solo)

2-5 People- $90each

6-12 People- $75each


1 Person- $160 (Solo)

2-5 People- $120each

6-12 People- $90each

$75 For Bike Rental - Contact for sizes and bike details.

2018 Spot Mayhem - Premium carbon fiber frame. 130mm front suspension and 120mm rear.

Shuttles available- Please reach out to us to rally in the van.


Ledges Trail

The Back Forty

Welcome to the Back 40, here we have roughly 40 miles of flowing single track with a few technical lines. The trail flows well through the rural town of Bella Vista. With rowdy descents like Flow Ride to techy blood pumping trails like The Ledge Trail, the Back 40 trail system is sure to keep you on edge. Venture far enough and you can soak in the sights of overhanging bluff lines and waterfalls with a sense of being off the reservation but still within riding distance of town. Don’t forget to bring your legs, you are going to have to work for those flow lines.


Lowe SouthTrail

Blowing Springs

Conveniently located from Downtown Bentonville, Blowing Springs offers the laid back amenities of their RV Park and a picnic area with a waterfall view; this place is a must ride if you are staying in town. These trails have major flow; mix in some overhead bluffs, a technical descent (Bomb Diggity), and it is an adequate place to start a day of shred. This six mile loop has connectors to The Back 40, The Razorback Greenway and Slaughter Pen, which makes it a good complement for a point to point ride or North Tour.


Lincoln Flow Trail

Slaughter Pen

Enter Slaughter Pen. A literal amusement park of mountain biking for all kinds, “Come one, come all!” Maybe a quarter mile pedal from the Bentonville square, the trail system is oriented into three major phases which all loop back to the Razorback Greenway for fairly easy navigation. Drop into a nice warm up to shake off the cobwebs, shoot over to Play Pen  for a couple laps before you decide where to pinball the adventure to next. Rock garden? Downhill? Cimb until you puke? Pick your poison and you will find it. Don’t worry about nutrition, you can pedal right back up to the square for lunch, dinner, or a frothy beverage to feed the fire.

Great ride, didn’t want it to end. I am hooked on SP and NWA. You nailed the route..tailored the pace to my ability both up and down and stayed just the right distance ahead so I could follow your lines. That was huge. You showed lots of things I plan to copy and practice; I can’t think of anything that would have made the ride better.
— Price Barker

Drop The Hammer

Coler Creek Preserve 

All mountain style has come to Bentonville! The Coler Preserve is a gravity fed rad machine. We would recommend Fire Line, a nice blue level jump trail, to flow check this spot. From there you have plenty of big rowdy lines ranging from blue to double red diamond trails that consist of but are not limited to; rocky technical descents, huge table tops, big boy size drops, balance beams, etc. There are a couple of fun single track trails here and a promise of more to come, including a wooden hub to drop into the gravity lines from! Since the site is still under construction, you will have to check with us for availability before scheduling a ride. The flow at Coler is real and the return trail ain't bad either!


Shadow Ridge Trail

Lake Atalanta

The trail system is located east of Rogers downtown square and is tied to Lake Atalanta and The Railyard bikepark, these undulating trails keep you on your toes. The steep and punchy accents afford a good riot on the ladder. Let us take you on a couple of our favorite routes here at Lake Atalanta and you are likely to become a firm believer in some of Progressive Trail Design’s early handywork. By the way, watch out for those fella’s free climbing rocks and make sure to stop for a water break overlooking the lake. A loop on Mustang Sally sends you rocketing downwards into another fantastic spot, The Tree Grove, now all we have to do is climb a few more hills and descend a couple of flowing bermed switchbacks in order to arrive at the next spot on the menu… The Railyard.


The Railyard

The Railyard bike park is a beast of the 26 inch variety and the title does it justice. Like any area around Northwest Arkansas, you get a very real vibe of Southern hospitality. Strike up a conversation with any local during a session at The Railyard and they might tell you “it’s all in the hips”, and you may be inclined to believe them. With a three pack dirt jump section that has beginner to advanced lines and slopestyle courses including old rail cars, wallrides, and concrete kickers, you are sure to dabble in all aspects of leaving the ground. It is the perfect spot for a skills clinic. You can bring the 20 inch, 26 inch, or just a regular old mountain bike to these beautifully sculpted and maintained slopes, and leave a winner. We have to give the City of Rogers a nod on this one and bow out with “It’s a veritable age of reason!”


Little Clifty Trail

Hobbs State Park

“Let’s crush some miles people!” Rain or shine Hobbs State Park will put you to work. This ridgeline following trail system is definitely beginner friendly, but don’t let the term beginner fool you. The flow is somewhat featureless and fast, and let’s face it, going up is always work. Dropping into the holler is a blast and the climb on Little Clifty might require some slightly above average climbing skills. All in all, we love Hobbs for a fitness workout and some skills practice on carrying speed in turns. For Pete's sake folks, The Battle of Townsends Ridge is an annual cross country race held there.


Rock City Trail

MT Kessler

You made it! Mt Kessler is a definite must ride. Located in Fayetteville, it is our favorite spot on the south tour for a rawkus of technical climbs and descents. There are a few routes to take if you are not so inclined to test your skills on the super-techno-rowdy bits, but we encourage you to give it a shot and will gladly hike a bike right there with you just so you won't miss the sights to take in. With wild rock formations and a few lookouts over the holler, possibly a few trail dogs hanging out, the site offers plenty of gorgeous photo ops. We can drop straight into Fayettechill’s  home base for some swag or lunch as part of our south tour. We'd be glad to get rad with you at the maniacal Mt Kessler!


Trail Head

Devils Den

You know what they say, “the devil is in the details.” You can surely agree with that after a ride at this spot. Approximately 15 miles of single track, awesome amenities, views for days, the occasional sasquatch sighting, and hiking trails all adorn our stamp of approval. The trails here will likely feel cross country esque under your tires and keep you rolling fast through the lay of the trails. The ground here has an interesting array of textures to ride on. One side of the creek is your typical Arkansas chirt, crossing over you land on some great hard pack dirt patches with a couple piles of shale. Don’t forget to slow down for some views or set aside time for a quick hike for high fives and refreshments. 


Buffalo Creek Trail

Upper Buffalo Headwaters 

As back country single track as it gets. Uphill both ways kind of stories that your grandparents rant about type of stuff, but real. The descents are so long that you need to take a break halfway, and sometimes you climb 100ft per mile... for a long time… We know that sounds like a big bite to swallow, but outcome of the effort is brilliant. The pieces of trail where it all comes together, conquering a climb only to crush the descent, creeks you went too fast through, laughs and good times with good people, and obviously our support. It is all why we love this patch of planet and offer the “Supreme” trip. Grab one off the menu folks, we’re serving all day.



Beecham Trail

Lake Leatherwood

There are some places out there in the world that people hear whispers of, hidden gems, fountains of youth, cities of gold. Well for us down here in the Ozarks, this Victorian town might just be one of those spots. We are on to some real elevation change in this part of NWA. Sometimes the climbs hurt, the rocky sections are abundant, and the features most definitely provide opportunities for sendin’ it. Lake Leatherwood calls to those riders who are looking for the gnar factor, with many old hand cut descents, drops, roots, and there are plenty of corners to slap. Don’t let the descrip scare you away because the horizon views are sublime, the biggest features have roll arounds and the entire city park is great for family activities. Having on site tent camping and cabin rentals available, this is one of our favorite weekend trips. For an even more rad weekend, we can ride up to town for some sights and eats. ( shhh..don’t tell anyone about the urban routes or the downhill shuttles, that will be between us) Cheers!