Skills Coaching

  • Custom Curriculum

  • 1 on 1 Interaction or Small Group Setting

  • Safe and Controlled Environment for Learning

  • Specific Trail and Feature Application

  • Onsite Video Analyzing for Immediate Feedback

Our top priorities are always having fun, helping others grow, and going out to enjoy the ride as much as possible. That is also why we also make great skills coaches, along with years of racing experince.

We realize there is a growing community of riders from all generations in our area, and our team is not only focused on guiding tours, we are also experienced racers in many different disciplines of cycling and want to help.  We refuse to set limits on ourselves and what we are capable of.  If you want to hone your abilities (whether you’re a racer, a weekend warrior, or just starting to ride) we facilitate one on one and small group skills sessions to improve bike handling, speed, and trail fluidity.


1 Person- $150 (Solo)

2-4 People- $90 each

5-12 People- $80 each