Our Reputation


Brian Barrett

I had a fantastic experience on the North Tour. Great bikes, fantastic guides, beautiful trails. I had so much fun on the ride, and saw parts of Northwest Arkansas I hadn't seen before. The trails were fun too, we had a small group and the guides did very well to help us stay together to make it more fun for all. Thoroughly enjoyed and would definitely do it again!


Price Barker

Great ride. Didn't want it to end. I am hooked on SP and NWA. You nailed the route..lots of flowy single track with minimal climbing. You tailored the pace to my ability both up and down and stayed just the right distance ahead so I could see and follow your lines. That was huge. You showed lots of things I plan to copy and practice: relaxed body; smooth pedaling; braking into a turn, letting off the brakes before the apex and carrying momentum out of the turn. You have the demeanor and ability to be a great MTB guide. Patient, calm, and just the right amount of conversation. I can't think of anything that would have made the ride better. 

Until the next time, Price

Brian  AKA 'BKXC'

"I had such a fun time riding with Dustin on the Back 40. There really is 40 miles of trail out there, and Dustin was game to ride the whole system. I'm more of a 20 mile kinda guy, so we bit off just enough for me to get a whole day of adventure. My favorite section was "Ledges". Such a cool backcountry feel even though you're never far from civilization."

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Josh Goodrich

Dustin is a great communicator of skill and techniques for mountain biking. He breaks down each technique into steps while keeping fun. His guidance and encouragement have increased my skill level tremendously. Dustin is a great coach, and I would recommend him to anyone who would like to improve their mountain biking skills.