Go to the spots page to browse all of the trail systems we offer guided rides and shuttles to. This is the most accommodating option to fit into your schedule that customizes your visit in the Ozarks. The fees are based on a flat rate so you can choose to ride a lunch loop, full day, weekend, complement to a tour, whatever, just tell us which spot and what time works for you. 


From the north to south with a shuttle, there’s too many trails in Northwest Arkansas so we had to split them up into two separate one-day tours. 

A North Tour and a South Tour

Each tour is one full day option that links multiple trail systems together.

Tour the town like a local. Shuttle vehicle, guide and support, lunch and snacks all provided.

Each trip duration is two days. Not for the faint of heart, but thirst for adventure will get you through. We'll take care of everything else.

Both trips are all inclusive, meaning we take care of the logistics and fees from the morning we leave to the point we get back into town the next evening. 

While we love to ride and have a blast, we also enjoy downhill runs. And you don’t usually associate downhill runs with climbing. With that simple thought in mind we are glad to offer it, the Lake Leatherwood downhill course shuttle. Guys... I’m going to have to drop the mic….

Recognizing our own need to grow keeps us focused on extending our knowledge of riding, and its various other aspects, to our peers and anyone else who is interested in that idea, growth. As in, technique, focus, reading the trail, muscle memory... the flow, all encompassing. We all joke about “get rad bro!” but let’s face it, getting rad is fun!